Water, H20. It’s everywhere and available from your water faucet, a bottle, you name it. People and living things need water to stay alive and well. Water is also one of the few drinks without any calories. You can drink as much as you need without gaining extra pounds in the long run.

Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the best ways you can stay in shape and keep as much weight off. Many people don’t get enough water in their diet and instead resort to drinking calorie-packed, sugary soda and energy drinks, rendering their weight loss efforts futile. How does water help you keep your weight at an acceptable level? That’s where our weight loss experts would like to chime in and provide an answer.

The Facts

It is a fact that drinking more water helps your body stop retaining so much of it. It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s true. Because of this effect, you can reduce your calories by 75 or more per day. Did you know if you drink a glass of water before a meal could cut your calorie count by around 24,000 a year? Each week, you are going to lose about 490 calories a week. Multiply this number by 4 weeks and then 12 months, and that’s how you get that number.

Since most people don’t drink enough water, they are missing out on one of the simplest weight loss tools ever created. You can start losing more weight with water by taking action and following these steps. Give it some time, and you will see dramatic results in the next few weeks if you stick to the plan and stay committed to cutting calorie-filled drinks out of your diet.

1. Drink Cold Water

When we say cold, we mean icy cold. Add ice to the water you drink which will speed up your metabolism. You can burn more calories and get a more satisfying, refreshing feeling from the water you drink. The first few days might feel a little bit odd, but you’ll be used to a life without sugary drinks soon enough and feel even better about yourself once you start to see results.

2. Go Exercise

You can keep your joints lubricated with water. With lubricated, flexible joints, you can now exercise without getting tired as quickly. Water also helps prevent muscle cramps so that you can say goodbye to excess pounds much faster and enjoy your workout too.

3. Make Sure You’re Drinking Enough

To maximize your chances of losing as much weight as possible, you need to aim to drink eight eight-ounces of water a day. You don’t have to drink all of it at once. You can split how much water you drink. First thing in the morning, you can have a few glasses of water before eating breakfast.

In the afternoon before going on a walk or run, drink some more water, and then before dinner, you can also drink some water. Lastly, drink water before you go to bed and you’ll also wake up and feel much better as well.

4. Drink Enough to Feel Full

Instead of eating a bunch of candy bars or loading up on fast food carbs, replace a lot of that food with water. You will feel just as full, but not have to worry about gaining weight every time. Some of your weight will be comprised of water of course, but you won’t be so tempted to eat more than you need per day. Combined with a healthier diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, and lean meat, and you’re well on your way to losing more weight than you can imagine.


Drinking a lot of water is vital for staying healthy. You’ll lose weight, keep your joints lubricated, and wake up feeling revitalized every day. Contact our weight loss experts at Vortex Wellness if you need more advice on weight loss. We have many plans available. Just call us at 866-420-9453, and you can begin your weight loss at our clinic as soon as possible. Thank you!