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Vortex Elite


Vortex Elite

Vortex Elite Weight Loss Program is a guaranteed weight loss system. As a Vortex Elite client
you will receive personalized attention on your weight loss journey.

Vortex Elite clients receive the following:

1. Initial Consult and medical evaluation
2. Baseline measurements
3. 5 (five) Weekly follow up visits with weight loss coach.
4. Personalized weight loss program
5. 45 day FDA approved appetite suppressant
6. Lipotropic fat burner
7. Personalized fitness and nutrition plans
8. 5 (five) Weekly injections with Lipotropic solution
9. Weekly check-ins
10. BMI, % Body Fat, Muscle mass, Bone Mass

Vortex Elite is available for $499.00
Vortex Elite Plus* is available for $599.00

*hCG and Sermorlean