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Vortex For Men


Vortex For Men

1. Vortex Testosterone Replacement $300.00
Low testosterone symptoms can be obvious, but they can also be subtle. Testosterone levels decline naturally as a man ages. Low testosterone symptoms include:

• Erectile dysfunction
• Fatigue
• Low Energy
• Low sex drive
• Decreased muscle mass
• Depression
• Irritability

Vortex Testosterone Replacement treatment begins with history and physical including lab work. Once low T is demonstrated replacement will begin with bi-weekly follow up visits.

2. Vortex Wood $150.00 for 10 doses
Liquid Tadalafil for erectile dysfunction. Each dropper of liquid Tadalafil is equivalent to 20mg Cialis.

3. Vortex Ultra Male
Vortex Ultra Male program is a weight loss and muscle building program. Program consists of the following:

• Lipotropic Solution consisting of B-Complex vitamins and Lipo BC
• Sermorlean
• Personalized meal plan
• Personalized fitness regimen
• Body and metabolic measurements

Vortex Ultra Male $450.00
Vortex Ultra Male Plus* $600.00